Wyeth Camping

Leo with ball
Mama and Dada
Leo with berries
Grace and Jill
grace with her dada
Grace in a box

A couple weekends ago we took Leo on his first ever camping trip. We were a little worried about if he would sleep through the night in such a strange setting, but he did great! (Besides waking up at 5:15am with the sun.) We went with my sister and her boyfriend, our friends Tom and Ali, and their friends Jill and Ryan and their daughter Grace. It was a great group of people to spend the weekend with. We spent our days walking down to the river, eating around the campfire and watching the littles play together. I have so many wonderful memories of camping trips with my mom and dad. It's amazing to experience it from the other side and watch our son make all these fantastic discoveries for himself. Now we know that Leo can camp like a champ we are excited to plan our next trip. 

Leo's First Birthday Party

party pic 1
party collage 1
collage 2
bubbles and balloons collage
I wanted to share some photos of Leo's first birthday party. He's now almost one and a half! But I was looking through these photos and missing our San Francisco friends, so here it is. Better late than never! 
We celebrated with a bunch of our favorite people at a local park. The weather could not have been better for our "jungle soiree" and no one could believe how warm it was for January. With the sun shining we enjoyed BBQ, beers and lots of laughs. 
When it was time for Leo to have his "smash cupcake" he promptly smashed it right in to the ground. I guess he didn't care that I was up until 1am baking and decorating them. Kids these days! *wink* 
I'm a little bummed that I didn't get more pictures of our cute set up. I bought a couple of hula skirts and attached them to the edge of a 6' table, then covered the top with burlap to create a safari mood and added a colorful bunch of animal print balloons. 
For party gifts my husband had custom made kendama's created that said "Leo's 1st Birthday" and an image of a lion on them. What's a kendama? It's a Japanese wooden ball-in-cup toy. That's Jake holding one in the last photo. Interested? You can get your very own by visiting our shop: Deal With It  

Weaving with Cultivate Portland

tillamook collage
weaving basket
grub collage
mega babe
Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be able to attend the first ever workshop put on by Cultivate Portland. I have been wanting to learn how to weave for a few months now, ever since stumbling on to some super creative weavers on Instagram, like Mary Anne Moodie and Wallflower Weavings. Cultivate Portland was hosted at Tillamook Station and dreamed up by three lovely ladies, Aspen Summit, Jeannie Helzer, and Wild Wood and Firth. We spent a few hours learning how to weave with good drinks, great food, and loads of inspiration! I left the evening with a tote bag filled with goodies and some new weaving buddies. I'm excited to share my weaving journey with you all here. 


Before we left for Portland, we were kindly gifted a membership to the San Francisco Zoo from my aunt and uncle for the holidays. The Zoo is obviously a fun way to spend the day, especially with a small person who finds wonder and amazement in everything. We saw lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) as well as otters, penguins, a rhino and an ant eater. But Leo's favorite part of the day was at the farmhouse petting zoo. I think he could have spent hours just following the goats and sheep around and trying to pet them. He was on the move the entire time and hardly let me snap a pic. We can't wait to visit the Portland Zoo and all the other amazing sites here in our new city.  

Vintage Sale

Hi Hummingbird Girls readers! Annalise here, sorry for the radio silence. Life gets busy, you know? I'm planning on updating more, starting right now. I moved to Portland, Oregon with the hubs and baby to be closer to my sister and spend more time on the things that really matter to me. No more corporate job. (No more security. Eek!) I've been working on photographing and listing our huge collection of vintage over on etsy. There's a few gems that you have seen here on the blog, as well as a boat load of new fabulous finds. Here's a little taste of what's for sale, so check it out! MOM and POP Shoppe 

woven booties 1
denim vest and tribal print skirt
ceramic cups
southwest blazer 2
geo belt 1
goth skirt 3
70s chambray dress

Autumn Vibes

Dress-Thrift:: Jacket- Vintage:: Boots- Vintage:: Sunglasses-Ragstock:: Tights- Urban Outfitters
Autumn brings time for quiet and renewal. We've moved, and I've been spending my time at estate sales and flea markets searching for midcentury modern pieces to fill our new home. Although winter is the least enjoyable time of the year, I am finding joy in the changing leaves, colder days, and calm evenings indoors. 

Crooked Lake

Here are a few snapshots from a recent camping trip in Southern Michigan. Nothing makes me happier than morning hikes, afternoons spent at the lake, and campfires at night. 

Leo Jameson Rice

leo infant collage.jpg
leo baby awake.jpg
leo cutie.jpg
leo with mom and dad.jpg
As Jen mentioned in her beautiful apartment post, Matthew and I became parents on January 31st. I can't believe that Leo Jameson is already 5 months old. Cliche as it is, they really do grow up so fast! I've been back at work for the last month and though it's hard to leave him everyday, I will admit that I like being back in a world with adults. All of these photos are from my instagram account, which you're welcome to follow if you don't mind being bombarded with photos of my little dude. @annahummingbirdgirl  

As a mom, vintage isn't quite as practical for everyday wear. I'm working on selling off my huge collection, much of which has been photographed for this blog. If there was something you especially loved, let me know and I can give you a price. 

There are so many "mommy blogs" out there that are full of inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites: 
Baby Foode - Run by one of my friends, Michele creates amazing baby food recipes to inspire adventurous eating.  Leo has just started eating "solid food" and I can't wait to try out some of her recipes. 
Bleubird - I've been reading Miss James blog for years, long before I started working on my own family. I love the photos of her beautiful family and home life. 
This Little Street - I don't know if this counts as a "mommy blog" but I love it none the less and since Audrey just had another baby in May I decided to include it. 
I'm also excited for some of my favorite vintage bloggers that have just had babies, or are just about to meet their little ones! Congratulations! 
 Erin from Calivintage
 Megan from Sock Monkey and Gee
 Veronika from Tick Tock Vintage